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Welcome to the Network Control Center!

We are a small group of highly trained computer networks

We help small businesses set up and maintain their computer networks.

We design entire networks from the ground up, or we expand existing
networks, adding the needed functionality and resources.
Data protection
Network troubleshooting
Network design
Save time and money by making sure that
all your computers and peripherals are
connected to the same network, helping
your business reach its full potential.
Sleep well at night, knowing that all the
company data is secure. From hardware
firewalls to employee training, we've got
you 100% covered.
When something goes wrong, who are
you going to call? The Network Control
Center specialists, of course! We've got
decades of experience in the field.
Latest blog post

How to secure your Wi-Fi network

Ideally, your wireless router will do its job perfectly 24 hours
per day, seven days a week, offering your Internet-based
devices full connectivity and keeping the bad guys at bay.

That's only the ideal scenario, though. Hackers or freeloaders
could sit in a car outside your home, and get access to your
data as you read this article!

So, what can you do to prevent these things from happening?
Well, read this article carefully, and then apply all the things
you're going to learn from it right away. By doing this, you will
be ahead of most people when it comes to Wi-Fi network
security - it's a promise!

Everything begins with your router. It can be a strong device,
which is able to fight villains successfully, or the weakest link,
which facilitates their break-in into your systems.

Start by limiting the Wi-Fi broadcast power. This won't
necessarily stop people from trying to connect to your
network, but it will make their job harder. The good news is
that there are many rp-sma adapters and cables that can be
used to extend the router range in a particular area, if you
need that...